Saturday, 3 March 2007

Armchair Hypocrite

Posted earlier today - under a different name - on The Guardian's "Comment Is Free" page about Tony Blair's latest "conversation" with the public. The idea was that 60 people - a representative cross-section of the population would talk with ministers about public services. This was hailed by a columnist as putting "New Labour ... at the cutting edge of genuine public engagement." Unsurprisingly, most posters to the website - including me - saw this as another cynical attempt to portray themselves as a listening government.

I was going to write more about Blair but I'm fed up thinking and reading about him and, therefore, tonight I'm not going to write any more about him. I'm sure I'll return to him soon but tonight my blog is a Blair-free zone. If only the UK was a Blair-free zone! See how hard it is. I've written about him again.

Is it not hypocritical of me to go on criticising Blair and his government but, other than voting every few years and posting on websites, I do nothing positive either to get rid of Blair or to help others? At least politicians have stood up to be counted. I'm like thousands of others: I throw my thoughts and energies into a keyboard and watch these be transformed into words on a website. For all their faults and their own hypocrisies are politicians really worse than us or is it that their hypocrisies are visible to the wider public whereas mine / ours are much more confined.

If I'm so angry with him why don't I:
- join the Labour party and try to change it?
- join another party and try to throw out Labour?
- help someone else to do the above
- just do something

An armchair critic is just that and no more. Why should a politician take me and my like seriously? Only by getting off my backside and doing something, ANYTHING do I lose my hypocrisy.

But sitting back writing this blog is easy. There's no real effort involved. Getting out and organising, canvassing, meeting, speaking, and protesting; now that's real positive work.

I should be doing that. But I bet I don't.

I'd rather be an armchair hypocrite!

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