Sunday, 18 March 2007

Guantanamo – UK Residents Free to Leave?

But they will remain in Guantanamo because of a scandalous decision by he UK government.

Two long-term UK residents who have been held at Guantanamo for 5 years are free to leave as soon as diplomatic arrangements are made because they pose no terrorist threat. According to The Observer ( they will remain in Guantanamo: the UK government will not help them because they are UK residents and not UK citizens.

The two men are:

Ahmed Errachidi - worked in some of London’s best-known restaurants for 18 years

Ahmed Belbacha - a refugee from Algeria

These men made their lives here, they made their homes here and they paid taxes here and we will do NOTHING for them.

Our government has condemned them to remain in Guantanamo.

Is there no decency, no compassion at the heart of our government?

Obviously not.

The entire country should be ashamed of the actions, or rather inactions, taken in our name.

Let us hope that when Blair has departed his successor immediately offers these men a home among us.

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