Thursday, 15 March 2007

Hazel Blears - Quotes for Today

Blears was interviewed on the BBC this morning. She said the decision to go ahead with Trident showed Mr Blair's authority.

"If you've lost your authority, you are not prepared to go in there and take some really, really tough decisions. It's almost the opposite."

This is bull****! He HAS lost actual, as well as moral, authority. Before he goes, Blair is searching for a legacy to match his ego and that means trying to influence the future as much as he can.

She went on:

"If we had delayed this decision, we would then have been left with a three or four-year period in which our submarines would not have been serviceable. “

"And then we would have not been in a position to protect the British people. …. I think that was entirely the wrong place to be and I think the people of this country will recognise that you did have to take this decision, that you were prepared to push it through. "

"And if you look at some of the other tough decisions that we've taken in the past couple of years - if you look at trust schools, if you look at foundation hospital trusts - all of this was incredibly controversial but it's proved to be absolutely the right thing to do."

Re Blear’s last sentence: Wrong, Hazel – adding emphasis doesn’t make an untrue statement true.

You don’t believe these words you uttered , do you?

Of all Blair’s apologists I’m sure you are the worst. You pop up on radio and TV like a little robot programmed to spout whatever is the hour’s mantra.

Hazel, you really are Blair’s voice on earth!

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