Thursday, 8 March 2007

Libby: GWB and VP Statements

QUESTION: Thank you very much, Mr. President, for this opportunity to talk about the trip and other issues. Yesterday, somebody very familiar to the administration, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was found guilty of the charges of perjury, lying, obstruction of justice. What is the impact of your administration of this verdict, or your personal feelings?

THE PRESIDENT: First, this was a very serious matter. A jury of his peers analyzed the data very seriously and rendered a verdict that must be respected. Secondly, I personally am sad. I'm sad for Mr. Libby and his family. There was a sense of sadness to hear the verdict read for me. And finally, this is an ongoing legal matter, there is more to be done in the courts, and therefore, at this time it's inappropriate for the administration to be commenting beyond just what you asked me.

Interview (Enrique Gratas, Univision 8 March 2007,


I am very disappointed with the verdict. I am saddened for Scooter and his family. As I have said before, Scooter has served our nation tirelessly and with great distinction through many years of public service.

Since his legal team has announced that he is seeking a new trial and, if necessary, pursuing an appeal, I plan to have no further comment on the merits of this matter until these proceedings are concluded.

Vice President's Statement on Libby Verdict

Although GBW’s statement is slightly better than Cheney’s, these two statements say much about their respect for the law.

They could have said something along the lines of; ”I believe Libby is going to appeal and, without prejudice, I say that today is a good day for US justice because we see that the law applies to all – even those high in the White House - and is a bad day for the White House because a jury of peers found a formerly high-ranking employee guilty of serious charges.”

Of course, they don’t say this because they don’t see the law applying equally.

Of course, if they did say this, we wouldn’t believe them.

Of course, we would be right not to believe them.

The law is there to be bent, broken, changed or ignored as it suits them.

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