Monday, 12 March 2007

Spinning Around

Our world runs on spin!

Spin is everywhere!

Every government, organisation, everybody uses spin. Nothing can be just as it is – everything must be polished or damned depending on one’s viewpoint.

Even the word “spin” is spin.

Let’s be honest. There’s no point hiding behind comfortable euphemisms.




Tiny lies, small lies, medium lies, big lies, great big bloody huge lies, LIES!!!!

For a simple example from today’s newspapers see Marcel Berlins (

Perhaps if we dropped the euphemism – “spin” – and used the correct word “lies” something would change.

Imagine if the BBC said:

- The Prime Minister lied today when …………

- The Prime Minister lied ten times today when ……

- The Prime Minister’s official Spokesperson lied today when …….

- George Bush lied today when ……

- The Prime Minister obscured the truth today …..

Of course we know they lie but this is a different kind of reporting. This would end the cosy relationship which exists between government, business and the media.

If only, major news organisations could do this.

Sorry, they could but they choose not to.

It doesn’t carry the same weight if I stand at the street corner and say, “The Prime Minister lied today when …………”. Also I’ll probably get arrested.

Imagine being arrested for telling the truth! That couldn’t happen here.

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