Saturday, 10 March 2007

Tesco and Sex Shops

Simon Hoggart wrote these few words today (

Terry Wogan's position as the honorary darling of Middle England took a knock this week when it turned out he had been taking thousands of pounds to host Children In Need. No doubt he justifies it to himself, but it doesn't look good. However, I think an even greater error was becoming the voice of Tesco. It doesn't fit the brand. People hate Tesco. Even the people who are obliged to shop there hate Tesco. It is the only retailer, apart from sex shops, to find itself frequently the object of a bitter campaign when it tries to open yet another store.

Tesco obviously thinks that having the cosy, trusted, gently amused voice of Wogan - he always sounds to me as if he is much cleverer than us but is too polite to let on - will improve its image. It certainly doesn't improve his. Waitrose or M&S he could have got away with. Tesco is a mistake.

Surely can’t be long until Tesco targets sex shops as an area for expansion.

Will they still use the tagline “Every little helps”?

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