Thursday, 29 March 2007

Charles Clarke …Again

"Politics is the means by which POLITICIANS influence, control and otherwise direct ORDINARY PEOPLE."

I started yesterday’s blog with this same quote. I didn’t know that today I’d be writing about Charles Clarke again!

I have just read the full text of Charles Clarke’s speech to The Royal Television Society ( and I am underwhelmed – massively.

I pick up on only one area – although I could have chosen many more.

His last sentence is: “It’s time for Labour politicians to stand up and address the only question which really matters, both for us and the country, ‘How Can Labour Win Again?’.

What matters to Clark - and he assumes to all of us – is not about finding the best policies for the country as a whole but the much narrower and blinkered view of determining how Labour can win.

In my first blog I wrote about Clarke:

I read in today's Guardian (28 Feb 07) that Charles Clarke - former UK Home Secretary - wrote:

"Politics is the means by which ordinary people influence, control and otherwise direct the society of which they are a part."


What he means is:

"Politics is the means by which POLITICIANS influence, control and otherwise direct ORDINARY PEOPLE."

Politics is about winning: winning in the country, winning power; AND doing what the politician always wanted to do. Politics is NOT about winning the argument. Having power means the argument is irrelevant unless losing the argument results in loss of power.

I was correct in February. I am correct now.


  1. If you're still not sure about John, check this out:,,2046009,00.html

    Is this guy great, or what?

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