Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Trident – Hypocrites versus The 161

We have it. We keep it

You want it. You don’t get it

You say, “But you have it!”

We say, “Tough shit! NPT”

Tony Blair: I believe it is important that we recognise that although it is impossible to predict the future, the one thing... that is certain is the unpredictability of it. For that reason, I think it is sensible we take this decision today.”

Margaret Beckett: While … (a) risk exists this government believes that maintaining a minimum nuclear deterrent remains a premium worth paying on an insurance policy for our nation.”

David Cameron: “…. the legality is clear and maintaining the deterrent is in our national interest.”

William Hague: “We cannot know... that any situation will arise in the coming decades where we will need the threat of our deterrent, ….”

Hypocrites every one of them.


Alex Salmond: “Every single country in the world could say 'we are under threat, we require nuclear weapons'. The road on which people in this House are going down is not to 10 countries having nuclear weapons but, given the declining cost, it's to 100, 150 having nuclear weapons.”

The effects of the hypocrisy made clear.

Thank “God” for The HONEST 161.

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