Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Blair Sabotaging Iran Negotiations?

Surely not!

Surely Blair is not trying to sabotage the attempts to gain the release of the UK 15!!

Last week he talked tough and now today, when commentators believed a breakthrough was possible, he said that there were two approaches:- Iran to know that "the pressure is there", and that the "door is open" to diplomacy”.

Later he added the potential sabotage line: if "peaceful, calm negotiation" was not successful the UK would have to take "increasingly tougher decisions" [http://tinyurl.com/yvoegu].

What need is there to stress the tougher option? The Iranians know that Blair may well push for a tougher line and so there is no need to say so.

Why risk a negative Iranian reaction?

There is no reason ….. unless…..

I just wonder.

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