Saturday, 21 April 2007

Chelsea Spin

Jose has a contract until 2010 and he wants to stay. …..We are not going to sack him said Peter Kenyon yesterday.

There is much that this statement doesn’t say and in the missing words probably lies the truth. Kenyon didn’t say that Chelsea wanted Mourinho to stay. He said only that he wouldn’t be sacked but did not say what else Chelsea may do to encourage him to leave. Chelsea might make his stay so unpleasant that he decides to leave.

A typical example of spin – covers all eventualities whilst allowing one to claim, “I told the truth”.

Not that I have any interest in Chelsea or any other Premiership team, my allegiance is at the foot of the Scottish Premier League where my team is 4 points adrift with 5 games to go.

Chelsea and Dunfermline are a “million miles” apart in all ways except how the fans feel for their respective teams. I am feeling the pressure. Relegation beckons. If only………

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