Friday, 13 April 2007

I Can Do It Like Dale and Guido

I have read in so many books that if one wants to be successful one must believe and act as though one is successful. Therefore, tonight I am going to act like two successful bloggers and blog in their styles

In the style of DALE

For those who don't see me on 18 Doughty Street, I'll NOT be doing the Sky News paper review at 11.30pm to midnight tonight, alongside Ian Collins of Talksport.

My latest article does NOT appear in the Daily Telegraph (nor in today's print edition) on a Conservative approach to devolution here.

In the style of GUIDO

A Newsnight producer did NOT write:

Dear Calum,

I am writing to you to check your availability the weekend of August 24-26th.

It would be fantastic if you might be available at some point that weekend (most likely the Sunday) to take part in this year's MediaGuardian Edinburgh International TV Festival. We were hoping you will be free in principle for a high-profile session we intend to put on titled "The Power of the Delete Button." This session which will involve panellists including the author of the websites/mailouts "holymoly" and Adam Bullmore of October Films - will entail discussing the power of blogs and the internet and will question whether TV will ever be able to delete comment as successfully.

It would not be a problem to arrange your participation behind a screen of sorts because we do not want you to frighten anyone.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With best wishes


The comments here NEVER get out of hand (imagine what they'd be like if Calum ever hit delete). The house rules are mysterious, arbitrary and sometimes inconsistently exercised. But this blog is not a public service, it is private property, no taxpayers were harmed in the production of this blog. Nobody forces you to come here - I would if I could, you don't have to read it - yes you do, so even if you don't like it, please come back.

And finally

In the style of CALUM

There's no point pretending. I could never do it like these two superstars. I’ll stick with having no visitors and keep my standards.

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