Sunday, 1 April 2007

Iain Dale ….. SMUGNESS

Two blogs about Tories in two days! Just shows that I am trying to bring a bit of balance into my writing.

Well, perhaps not! Yesterday, I was complimentary about Ken Clarke but, today, Iain Dale (of the highly successful “Iain Dale’s Diary” blog) receives a different review.

Dale is a Tory which of itself is no reason to dislike him. In fact there is no reason to mention his politics but it’s my blog and no-one will read this anyway.

Much worse than being a Tory, Dale is SMUG. Big capital letters SMUG.

His blog gives me the impression of SMUGNESS.

I saw him reviewing the papers last night on BBC24. Again SMUG.

I heard him on the Worricker programme today. Again SMUG.

I don’t know if he has always been SMUG or if this trait has surfaced since he thought the Tories would win the next election.

I shall continue to visit his tablod-style blog but only to check on the degree of SMUGNESS


  1. If I asked why your posts contain HTML code would you accuse me of being smug because mine don't?!

  2. Iain Dale's a Tory?!?!

  3. No. I wouldn't accuse you of being smug. I'd just say that you were smug.

    Also, I am SO impressed by your technical abilities.