Thursday, 12 April 2007

Lie-Detector Tests

I wish I had got here first but I needed Matthew Parris, in The Times (Thursday, 12 April 2007), to open my eyes to the possibilities. Why restrict voice stress analysis to benefits claimants?

Politicians ideal candidates except as one poster to the Times said, "Politicians aren’t stressed by lying." Also we don’t need any test other than the old one: if a politicians mouth opens he/she is lying.

Blogger - TV presenters as for politicians

Footballers Ideal candidates but using a telephone to ask them if they dived might hold the game up too much

Kids Surely parents should know when their kids are lying

Parents Surely kids should know when their parents are lying

Can we do more? Can we find out the truth?

Next idea for use on benefits claimants – truth serum.

I can hear Blair already saying that the innocent have nothing to fear.

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