Friday, 27 April 2007

Scottish Elections 10 - Blair Lies

Nothing new about this. Not even newsworthy. He spoke therefore he lied: that’s the Blair we all know.

In today’s Times (26 April 2007, sorry no link) he accused Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP and likely to lead the largest party after next week’s election, as follows:

When Alex Salmond gets up in the morning what is on his mind is fighting England.”

Fighting: this from Mr Military man. “Who’s up for a fight?” “We are”, says Tony. “Well, not me, of course, but “my” troops are up for it”. He has no shame!

Fighting England”, he says. What absolute rubbish! I have seen or heard nothing to suggest there is any truth in this.

I have seen reports that the SNP will try to manufacture issues on which they can claim that the Westminster government is not acting in the interests of Scotland. However, crucial to the SNP, if they are the largest party, is governing well. Only by performing well in government can they hope to win an independence referendum and, so, it is not in the interest of the SNP to have major problems with Westminster. The SNP need to show that they are good administrators: only be achieving this can they hope to win a referendum although obviously a few disagreements with London will not go amiss.

But even if Salmond did have fighting on his mind every morning he would not be fighting England he would be fighting the UK Parliament.

Blair doesn’t believe what he says about Salmond: he is fighting – dirty – to help Labour remain the largest party. He is peddling FEAR.

He is doing here, with the election, what he has done with terrorism: induce fear in people’s consciousness .

After 10 years he is reduced to this base level: there is your legacy, Mr Blair. Please take it and slink away from our shores.

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