Sunday, 29 April 2007

Scottish Elections 11 - Pro-Unionist Claptrap

Ruaridh Nicoll in today's Observer describes how, in all probability, the Union came about because of Scotland’s failed attempt to create an empire based in Darien in Central America. This is a perfectly appropriate story to tell but the story is sandwiched between two pro-Union statements, each of which is challengeable:

It’s a union that may take a body blow on Thursday.


Douglas Watt has recently argued that the fiasco (Darien) also taught the nation a hard lesson that would give Scotland its infamous instinct for being canny with money. This has kept the nation well through 300 years of Union. The election, two days after the anniversary, will reveal if we are canny still.

Nicoll’s intention is to reinforce the view that we Scots need to be careful – no, it’s more than “careful - need to be afraid because we might not survive in the big bad world once out of the shelter of the Union.

Ruaridh, we understand what’s happening; we’re savvier than you think. Other than fear you haven’t given any positive reason why Scotland should stay in the Union although you’re not alone; neither have Blair or Cameron.

In fact, Ruaridh, remember this election is not about independence it’s about giving someone else a chance because we’ve had enough of New Labour.

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