Monday, 16 April 2007

Scottish Elections 6 - Referendum

I hadn’t intended to write about these elections as often but the papers keep publishing articles which provoke me. Today’s Guardian has an article by Peter Preston which suggests that the way to stop the SNP in its tracks is for either the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats to push for an immediate referendum on independence. His thinking is that the majority will vote against independence but that the position is doubtful if the SNP have 3 years to increase tensions between Edinburgh and Westminster. Preston is within his rights to suggest this course of action but buried in the article are some thoughts which demonstrate how little he cares for Scotland: England is his concern.

I highlight only one. Preston states:

The dismemberment of the United Kingdom is a visceral, passion-primed issue; but, for true desperation, add the calculation that an English Westminster, stripped of its Scottish Labour lobby fodder, would be Tory-Tory-Hallelujah forever. Here's why palliative devolution took priority, post-1997. Here is why Labour wants the independence rot stopped at any cost.

“Stop independence because Labour in England doesn’t want a Tory England”, that is what Preston is saying. That is all Scotland is worth: Labour fodder to ensure, hopefully for Preston, a Labour government in Westminster.

Such a total disregard for Scotland and its wishes will move even more Scots towards the SNP.

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