Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Scottish Elections 8: Non-SNP Coalition

In the last few days stories have appeared in the press (for example, The Guardian) suggesting that the three Unionist parties in Scotland, Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, may form an anti-SNP coalition to keep the SNP from power should they (SNP) become the major party at the Scottish elections on 3rd May.

If the SNP is the largest party, they and the Liberal Democrats could form a coalition with an overall majority. The Liberal Democrats, however, have ruled out any coalition with the SNP if there is to be a referendum on Scottish independence and some think that the three Unionist parties might prevent the SNP governing by forming their own coalition. On this basis the SNP could be excluded permanently from power, even if they were always the largest party, unless they won a majority of seats at an election: a feat not considered likely under proportional representation.

Although this pro-Union move is legal I would consider that act to be shameful and that would be my view even if I were to vote for one of the pro-union parties. If the SNP are the largest party than they must not be denied the opportunity to govern.

I hope, I pray that the pro-Union coalition does not occur. What, I think, will prevent it is the fear of the three pro-union parties that, should they exclude the SNP, they would be punished severely at the following election: giving the SNP an overall majority.

If they do exclude the SNP I hope we don’t have to wait until the following election to right the wrong. In these circumstances I hope the Scottish people, not just SNP supporters but all right-minded people, would rise up against the decision and force a change.

I make these points as one who is still undecided about how to vote and may not vote SNP. I have never voted SNP but, if they are the largest party, I will fight for their right to lead the governing Executive of Scotland.

Please let democracy win and let the people’s voice be heard.


  1. Politics is an ugly business. For all the STV and electoral processes, ultimately it is about ego and power. We know best what is right for you is the politicians mantra.

  2. It will never happen.