Thursday, 26 April 2007

Scottish Elections 9 – More of Calum’s Thoughts (Rambling)

I was going to state which party was getting my votes in the Scottish Elections next week but why do it now? There is no reason except it gives me something to write about but there’s more mileage if I keep my intentions masked.

Already I’ve said, “How will I vote this time? Undecided between the SNP, Greens and whichever socialist party is standing but I will not be voting Labour. That seems like a fairly good summary of the position but why these parties? …..(F)or me, the driving force in the election is the desire to punish Labour. Despite these elections being for the Scottish Parliament, Labour will be punished primarily for the failings of the UK Labour government.

There’s no doubt many feel as I do that Labour, both in Scotland and the UK, needs a good kicking and I’m confident that Labour will emerge very badly shaken and in need of recuperation although, in the future, I could vote for Labour but only if it was re-aligned. Unfortunately, voting for a re-aligned Labour party would probably be a wasted vote.

A vote for the SNP gives me the best chance of really hurting Labour but I am torn between this and a socialist party. Voting for a socialist party might tally with my views but nobody gets kicked – I’ve missed. As an aside, I took the Political Compass test today and I came out as “Extreme Left” close to Collectivism and “Extreme Libertarian” close to Anarchism [Economic Left/Right –8.0; Social Libertarian / Authoritarian –7.4]. Well, I’m truly pigeon-holed now. But I don’t think I’m as extreme as these results suggest. I bet everyone who comes out here says this. Perhaps Bel who shows this blog as centre-left needs to make a new category for me.

Labour seems to be getting its campaign going now in the sense that, I think, they’re starting to hurt the SNP and, so, perhaps the vote will be even closer than many thought. Given that there’s still one week left I can see each of the major parties unveiling a vote-catcher in the next few days. I don’t have inside information but given the closeness it seems the logical and necessary thing to do.

Recently I read a criticism of blogs – I can’t remember where – in which bloggers were criticised for doing their thinking online rather than thinking off-line and then putting the fruits of their thoughts online. Sometimes I try to think offline but today I’m in the first group. If I’m doing any thinking at all it’s done online as I type. Many years ago, if I was talking rubbish my father used to tell me that ”I was opening my mouth and letting my belly rumble”. Certainly I’ve got the pc version of that today; a piece that jumps about far too much and, even when still, is incoherent. At least I got the title correct.

I was about to post this when I was taken aback by just how terrible it was: by far my worst post. I found some words I wrote many years ago which apply to this piece.

At least the words are flowing

If not poetically

The ink flows down

And sense goes up

And out the bloody door

Now this is pointless

Fuck the lot

This is fucking shite

So stop the fucking nonsense

Don't bother to fucking write

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