Sunday, 8 April 2007

Truth is Irrelevant - Iran

The “15” are free from capture – great – but also free to profit significantly by telling / selling their individual stories – wrong, bizarre.

Why? According to the MoD the normal ban could be relaxed because of the exceptional circumstances of their experiences. What? Will there not be many in Iraq or Afghanistan who also have good claims to “exceptional circumstances”? Will they too be allowed to profit? If not, why not?

Isn’t it strange that the MoD should be so relaxed with the “15” talking for cash?

Is there a deeper motive? The”15” are captured and, after 2 weeks, freed but with the Iranians, by common consent, winning the media battle. Does the MoD hope that the telling of their stories will generate more negative impressions of Iran? If so, then the MoD is using the “15” just as the Iranians used them – for propaganda.

If only the MoD had been as forthcoming about how Lance-Corporal Matty Hull died. Obstruction, prevarication, that’s what the MoD demonstrated. Were it not for the persistence of his wife and the coroner, much less would be known. Matty Hull was killed by “friendly fire” – what a shitty euphemism – and the MoD isn’t concerned about the truth.

Perhaps I’ve uncovered the common thread: the MoD is not concerned with the truth in either case. Truth is irrelevant: perception is all-important.

Once again, I hit this same position.

To this government: truth is irrelevant. Truth, to them, is a variable. Truth is whatever is needed to manage a particular moment or situation.

I reject their definition of truth – absolutely and totally.

I reject this government.

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