Monday, 7 May 2007

Blog Content

In the last few days, several of you have been kind enough to offer suggestions to help me with my blog.

Already I have made one major change: brighter, more legible layout – thanks Ruthie.

Others suggested that I write only when I have something to write rather than feeling that I must write. This is great advice to which I am striving to adhere.

Ellee thought that I should be patient. I mentioned elsewhere that patience and I have rarely met. I don’t think I’d recognise her unless she introduced herself. Great advice, all the same.

Others thought that I should broaden the scope so that there was less reliance on British / Scottish politics and write about other parts of my life which I feel are relevant. This is where I start to find things getting difficult. Even hiding behind a pseudonym, I will rarely write about myself in any real personal way – although I did re the Virginia Tech killings but that is the exception …..

I would love to have a blog with a wide range of posts which appealed to readers with many different interests but I am incapable of writing such a blog. I’ve given lots of thought to areas into which I could venture but I have an empty notepad. Therefore, I think it would be foolish of me to try to change the blog either in direction or scope. Far better that I do what I enjoy; what comes naturally. Unfortunately for those who read the blog this means British and Scottish politics, current affairs from a British perspective and humour – attempted and lavatorial - plus the very occasional personal piece.

I will try to bear in mind the idea of broadening the blog’s interest but I’m not going to risk what I do now. I know that this approach means that my blog will, almost certainly, remain a low traffic niche blog. So be it – as another said “write what you enjoy writing” and I think that was the best advice of all.

…… write what you enjoy writing.”


  1. Take a look at my posts Calum, they are basically guaranteed NOT to be liked by alot of people :)

    I write like I have no readers (even if I sometimes comment to the readers in the posts themselves) and then I adjust what I want.

  2. Calum - you're absolutely right to do what you're doing. Write it and they will (eventually) come.

  3. It's easier to be freer about the subject matter you write about if you don't advertise the fact that you have a blog to your friends/family.

    No one I know reads my blog, and that's how things are going to stay. Otherwise I'd have to censor myself quite a bit more.

    LN is right, write for yourself and don't worry about what people think of your style/subject matter. It should be cathartic and helpful to you first. Blogging isn't a job.

  4. Hi Calum - good advice.

    Can anyone else see formatting on your posts?

    Or is it this ancient version of IE I'm using at work?

    Are you using MS Word to draft your posts and Blogger's text editor to post? Maybe if you copy & paste the text into a Notepad and then C&P out again before pasting into Blogger it will strip-out the formatting leaving you with spell-checked text (but no nasty formatting script)?

  5. Aaron

    Yes I use Word to write and c&p into Blogger but I'm not clear about what you see on my posts.

    I'm not sure what you are proposing I do. Is it:

    1. write in Word
    2. copy out of Word and paste into notepad
    3. copy out of Notepad and paste back into another Notepad document
    4. copy out of Notepad and paste into Blogger.

    Might it not be easier to learn some basic HTML tags and type and format in blogger?