Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Salmond - First Minister

At last, the Scottish Parliament has voted Alex Salmond into the office of First Minister of a minority SNP government. I am delighted!

I voted SNP for the first time at the elections two weeks ago primarily because they were the vehicle most likely to turn over Labour. Although my politics lie mostly to the left of Labour I couldn't vote Labour: I, like many others felt, the need for change was crucial. Hopefully, the Labour party will learn lessons and come back a changed and reinvigorated party but I don't hold my breath.

Now I have to lie in the bed of my making and accept what the future brings. Am I concerned? No! I think that the level of competence within the previous Executive was low and an SNP Executive will find it difficult not to improve upon it.

Independence doesn't concern me at the moment: the path is long and, regardless of any SNP machinations to highlight / create tension betweeen Edinburgh and Westminster, there are sufficient crossroads where we can, and I believe we shall, turn off the path.

What the SNP can get through the Parliament and how they achieve this will be of great interest to those of us who follow matters Scottish.

Interesting times lie ahead!

Go on, Alex!


  1. Calum, I've no idea or not whether you're a Guardianista, but I wonder if you caught the article the other week suggesting that Scotland and Wales should have been given a similar system of government to London, running along more presidential lines with a single elected leader answerable to a separately elected authority. It seems to me that having Alex Salmond but ensuring he was answerable to an authority representing all the votes in Scotland would have been a lot of fun to watch, if nothing else.

  2. UnP

    Yes I am a Guardianista. I often wanted to post to CiF but by the time I was ready the posts were almost "dead". Blogging was my solution to this: post when I am ready.

    No: I missed the article to which you refer. It might be fun watching Alex Salmond under these circumstances but I'm not sure about this system of government. Now you've raised the issue I'll need to spend time thinking.

  3. Calum: kinda o/t but I was wondering if you believe in Great Britain or a free Scotland (along with Ireland and possibly Wales)?

    Just as a curiosity, you can email me the answer or post it on my blog (since it has not much to do with your post)

    I'm inclined to believe that England should be a country, but Great Britain should not, but that's just me :)

  4. Don't e-mail it. Post it here!

  5. LN

    I'll take James' advice and put up a full post in a few days. Given my intermittency this might take longer than you think but do not despair. I will post on this.

    Also LN, thanks for the question. Like all the best questions, yours pulled me up short and made me think. I've got quite a bit more thinking to do.

  6. :) thinking was a bonus, I'm just a nosy person