Thursday, 17 May 2007

Stop the World! I Want To Get Catch Up

I'm at the cow's tail !

I have to catch up.

No broadband!!

I feel like stone-age man. (I'm as old as stone-age man!) I've had dial-up for years - I was quite an early adopter - but I haven't moved and everyone else (virtually) is racing away from me while I try to load pages in - cre - dib -ly sl - ow - ly. My frustration at the slowness, the inabiity to watch video and my lack of action has overflowed. I am going to get broadband.

Someday soon I'll commit and then you youngsters had better watch out as this oldie comes flying up on the inside.


  1. Yes, get broadband! Speaking from experience, after you get it, you will wonder what kept you on dial up so long.

  2. How can you possibly live without broadband. Glad to see you have got lots of readers and are going strong.

  3. Ellee, I don't have lots of readers. In fact I've got less readers than ever BUT I'm getting many many more comments.

    It's a funny world!!

  4. Ah. I was where you are for the past few weeks.
    Problem solved now.