Wednesday, 2 May 2007

This Blog Died Today

CalumCarr’s Take on … Whatever

Died 2 May 2007

"You were not good enough to survive"


I love writing this blog. Sorry, I loved writing the blog but now, after 2 months, writing has become a chore. Initially I thought that I could write the blog for me alone and that traffic was unimportant but I have realised that having visitors is great but getting comments is even better. With few visitors and very very few comments I struggle to get the energy to write. There is only so much I can put in and I have reached my limit.

I have done my best but now I need to accept that I am unable to write a blog which is attractive to readers. Therefore, this is my last post.

The blog is dead and will be deleted in a few days.


  1. Calum, please don't kill off this blog. I've only been aware of it since you joined Blogpower but I've found your posts genuinely entertaining and thought-provoking. What's more you add some useful political balance to the Blogpower. Really, please don't go.

  2. Sorry to see you go.

    I don't comment on British politics much (as you write mostly on that) since I don't know British politics :)

    Look in my archives sometime at the terribly LONG stretches of no comments ;)

  3. It's up to you whether you decide to stop blogging or not, but just have a think about why you want to blog. If you find it a chore, there's no need to make it a chore. Just write whenever you have something to say -- that's the best way.

    And don't worry about comments drought. We've all been there!

  4. Don't make the blog go away :(

    I read it regularly, but since I'm not British and know very little about British politics (despite trying my best to learn), I'm usually in "learning mode" and I don't feel like I have any meaningful comments/input to add.

    Stick around. We'd miss you if you left.

  5. Thank you all for your comments but the blog really is dead.

    I’ve been close to killing the blog before. In early April, before I joined Blogpower, I wrote:

    I’m empty today. Nothing to write about. Want to write because I haven’t missed a day since I started this blog.
    It’s becoming a strain: wanting to write every day, finding something every day and then finally writing …. for no-one but me.
    A month or so ago when I started I wasn’t bothered about blog traffic, I assumed I’d get some but it was unimportant because primarily I was blogging simply as a way of getting my thoughts down. Unfortunately as time has gone by I’ve found the whole rigmarole harder and harder and I realise that having some traffic would give me some encouragement.
    No traffic = no encouragement … and so I’m left only with my determination to find and write – such as it is.
    Bottom line, I guess, is that the blog isn’t good enough to get traffic and there’s nothing I can do about that: I can only do my best.
    I’ll try to keep going for a few more days but if I don’t find the blog become a bit easier I think I’ll just close it down.
    Still empty.

    I would have given up then but lovely Bel sent me a series of supportive comments which kept me going and led to my joining Blogpower. Now rather than no traffic I have a little traffic but I find it so difficult to spend lots of time writing and having no (or little) feedback. This is no criticism of others but is criticism of my blog: it obviously isn’t reaching the parts it needs to.

    I was hesitant about posting today because I didn’t want the post to be seen as an attempt to extract kind words and support. I could simply have deleted the blog or not posted again, but I wanted to explain why I was giving up.

    I will keep reading blogs and so my ISP details may keep turning up. Eventually, I imagine, I’ll drift away from this too.

    Last week I included some words I’d written 15 years ago. Today I include some of them because they are entirely appropriate.

    Now this is pointless
    Fuck the lot
    This is fucking shite
    So stop the fucking nonsense
    Don't bother to fucking write

  6. Sorry to see you go. I only discovered your blog in the past couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts.

    Give it a couple of months before you delete it. You never know, you might change your mind.

    All the best.

  7. Calum, we have all felt like this - in my case about once a month during the two years I have blogged.

    Write what you enjoy writing and don't worry about it. It will take time for your readers to find you, but they will

  8. Well, if you insist... then you do what makes you happy.

    But listen, blogging shouldn't be work. It shouldn't interfere with your life. You should just indulge in it when you have time and when it makes you happy to do so.

    Also, have you considered trying a different, brighter layout? The dark one can be a bit hard to read... as anyone who's ever studied advertising knows, packaging is almost as important as content.

    Good luck in all your endeavors if you do decide to leave.

  9. Oh, please, please don't!! It takes time, you know! "Pazienza", as they say here.

  10. Ok Calum, if it isn't working, then give it up.

    But remember we all have these days, and you have a good blog - even if we're all johnny-come-latelies. I was blogging in obscurity for the best part of a year before my readership took off.

    Anyway, your mind is made up so good luck with whatever you do next. But remember, some of the best blogs are only updated a couple of times a week.

  11. I like the new layout.

    Much brighter. More readable.

    As you Brits say, "Cheers."

  12. Calum, It takes a lot, lot longer than two months, it took me over six months before I started to get regular readers. You really have to work at it. Hope you change your mind soon.

  13. Calum

    In the beginning, I really didn't care who read my blog and it took me a while to realise that getting peoples feedback and providing it was the best bit to blogging. It took over a year for my blog to become more visible, primarily due to James, blog patron if ever there was one.

    I recommend that you don't delete your blog. Leave it for a while. You may feel different in a month or so. What you have said is still interesting.

    Good luck. My brother lives in Dunfermline and my father was born there, just around the corner from where my brother lives now. I assume from one of your earlier posts that you live there or have connections there.