Friday, 18 May 2007

Wembley - Thoughts

Regardless of how many matches are played at the new Wembley; regardless of the victories and dramas nothing will ever surpass that one brilliant day at the Twin Towers when new World Champions were crowned!

Banks through to Stiles, Jack Charlton, Moore through to Bobby Charlton, Hurst and Peters. What a team! World beaters! World Champions!

World beaters and World Champions they were but beaten this day, 15 April 1967, by Scotland: the new World Champions!!

England 2 - 3 Scotland

This was England's first defeat since their World Cup victory the previous year and, therefore, with unerring logic Scotland became World Champions; the best team in the world. Yes!!

How long Scotland retained this title no Scot knows nor cares.

1967: a year to remember for as long as 1966 is a year to forget.

Scotland - World Champions

Calum - The Delusionist


  1. England used this logic in 32. They refused to go to the cup itself but beat Italy in a friendly the same year at Highbury. To most England fans that meant we had beat the chamions, so now we were world chamions.

  2. Winning logic always triumphs over losing logic!

    What would be great is for Scotland to qualify for the Euro championship. We need something like that to inspire young kids in Scotland again.

  3. I went to a couple of matches at the twin towers , can you believe I saw England v Brazil, and I think I saw England v Holland too.

    Would love to surprise my sons and take them to the new Wembley. Must see if they do tours and can arrange that.

    Hope you are well.

  4. Scotland are very good at this. There is a Wikipedia page on the alternative world championship of football. It is based on boxing, where if you beat the champ, you are the champ. Scotland were most recently champions when they beat France. They lost it shortly after that to the current dual champions Italy. I wrote about this a while back.

    Coming up to a danger match as the Scots travel North into the Atlantic.

  5. Here is the web page with a preview of the next unofficial championship, Faroe Islands versus Italy. Don't look for a change on that one.