Thursday, 13 September 2007

Cameron: Foot in Mouth

David Cameron must be getting desperate to land a blow on Brown. Yesterday, before even the strain of the latest foot and mouth outbreak was known, Cameron came on very strongly. He said:

"I think there is a real question of government competence. We learnt that the first outbreak came from a government laboratory, last week the government told us the foot and mouth outbreak was over, and now we know that this is not the case." (


"The PM took pesonal control of this and now it looks as though it is getting out of control." (

Too easily the government can state that guidelines were followed, that 30 days had elapsed since the last case which, given the incubation time of 2 - 14 days, meant that there should not have been a recurrence.

There may well be examples of government inefficiency to be uncovered with this latest case but, with his very early intervention, Cameron did not allow himself the opportunity for those shortcomings to be uncovered. Instead Cameron has demonstrated a burning desire to put pressure on the government - nothing wrong with that - but not the judgment required to do so effectively.

Cameron needs to relax and wait for his opportunities: they will come.

A desperate Cameron will continue to miss.

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