Saturday, 29 September 2007

Courage in Burma - Humbling

Today's Guardian carried, on its front page, an interview with a Burmese man who had taken part in this week's protests.

A small portion is appended below:

"Today was the first day I went to the protests on my own. All my friends were too scared to go out on the streets after being gassed and shot at over the last few days. I woke up feeling more depressed and less optimistic than I have all week, but I felt it was my duty to carry on protesting. I was frightened, but aren't we all? If everybody hid indoors, nothing would change, and we will never be able to draw attention to the hopeless situation our country is facing. I need to stand and be counted."

Whilst many of us witter on about left and right; Brown and Cameron, here is someone putting his life at risk for democracy.

How humbling to read of another's bravery whilst I am safe at home.

Unfortunately, I write this mechanically. I am moved but not uplifted as I should. I am consumed by the issues in my next post

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  1. Well we all have to deal with what's close at hand before we can look to the larger picture.
    Just when I thought things were getting more hopeful there, and they were with the monks leading the protests, it all came crashing down.