Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Do Our Heads Zip Up the Back?

No, of course they don't.

Why then do politicians - and those around them continue to act as though they did zip up? Why do they avoid telling the truth?

It's not as though telling the truth is difficult. It's easy: no stories to make up and remember; just tell it as it is. But still the half-truths, untruths ,evasions and lies come.

There's nothing new in this. We all know this happens and will continue to happen so why am I wound up now?

Yesterday, there were news reports - see for example the BBC - that rationing is rife within the NHS.

Again, there's nothing new here: we all know that rationing is part of the NHS - always has been and always will be regardless of the funding level.

The BMA and the NHS Alliance said respectively:

"There is not much honesty and openness about this. The NHS could spend whatever you gave it, but it obviously works wih a limited budget so we urgently need to have a debate about what can be provided. Trusts are already being forced into this but the political parties are not talking about it."


"Rationing is the great unspoken reality. The only people who refuse to mention the 'r-word' are the media and the politicians, who continue to want to promise everything for everyone in order to win elections."

A Department of Health spokesperson then said:

"The NHS had received an unprecedented funding boost in recent years but finance is not endless and hard decisions will always have to be made about which treatments to provide. Doctors and nurses make these clinical decisions with patients - not managers or politicians.

The last sentence is a downright lie. We all know that politicians and managers have a crucial role in determining funding and services with the health professionals working within the constraints imposed upon them by politicians and managers.

The truth - that's all we want. We can handle the truth. With the truth we can discuss what services to provide; we can push for increased funding in some areas. Hiding the truth denies us this opportunity. Hiding the truth denies us democracy.

The real problem is the politicians don't want us to have the truth; they don't want a true democracy; they want to retain the power for themselves.

They shy away from the truth like Dracula from sunlight.


  1. Why do they avoid telling the truth?

    Becasue they've been touched by the hand up above which tells them that we are sheep to be told whatever these gods wish.

  2. James

    I assume you allude to the money men about whom you have written. I don't doubt politicians "know" how to act.

    Also I believe that politicians are so power-hungry that real democracy is anathema to them.