Friday, 19 October 2007

England or South Africa: A Dilemma

Tomorrow I will support ................................. England.

Many Scots, I know, will pray for an England defeat but I cannot join them.

If it were the football World Cup Final I think I would be unable to support England but fortunately that is unlikely to occur soon.

Sometime I'll post my reasons and reasoning.

Once more I say, "I hope England win the Rugby World Cup Final".

There it's done and I haven't been struck by a bolt of lightning!!!


  1. My wife is French, so I was hoping that the host country would go all the way this year. But, England gave them another Agincourt from what I can gather.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, your Scots friends were right here but your gesture was noble and that's what the Scots are about - futile nobility. At least you sent them home to think again.

  3. James or Whoever Higham

    "that's what the Scots are about - futile nobility."

    I don't see my gesture as noble or futile. I supported the team I felt I needed to support. No gesture, no nobility, no futility.

    As regards your linking the comments to the Scots: a typical piece of Higham wind-up.

  4. No dilemma - apartheid still rules the roost in South African rugby.

  5. It was hard though, wasn't it? Choking back years of enmity. I empathise.

  6. Liz

    "It was hard though, wasn't it? Choking back years of enmity."

    Perhaps surprisingly, it was easy. The reason for wanting England to lose - at virtually anything - faded some time ago. Only habit prevented my doing this years ago.