Monday, 8 October 2007

Que Sera


  1. Mi Vida?

    or is it

    Que Sera, Sera...

  2. What happened to the posts in between this and your last?

    (parenting if I recall correctly)

    And, does this mean you are leaving again?

    You can join The Daily Ramble if you want :)

  3. LN

    I have deleted posts which were crap. I had nothing to say and, rather than say nothing, I filled empty space. They were all posts about which I was unhappy and so I took them out.

    The essence of my blog was being lost: I had to act.

    Que Sera

  4. "You can join The Daily Ramble if you want :)"

    I see you missed that point

  5. LN

    You said ""You can join The Daily Ramble if you want :)
    I see you missed that point

    Yes, I missed that point and others too.

    I came back full of great intentions to push for better funding for eating disorders in Scotland but there's only so much I can do in a small blog.

    Most of my life is taken up with house, parenting, caring, trying to get to the bottom of curious medical decisions not to give treatment and trying to find where appropriate diagnosis and treatment is available - Swearing Mother gave some great advice here.

    The bottom line is that I have too little time and energy to post regularly on things political and too little info to post about on health matters without repeating myself endlessly.

    To fill the gap in the last two weeks or so I have fallen back to publishing posts which I feel are poor, do not reflect my aims and which, in retrospect I wish I hadn't published - hence the deletions.

    One could argue that I should post about whatever is happening and I'm OK about that - to a point - but the deleted posts weren't even that. They were poor posts used to fill space but otherwise without merit.

    I wasn't prepared to sully my blog in that way.

    As to the future: I don't know - truly.

    Que Sera!

    PS Thanks for your interest and concern.