Saturday, 19 January 2008

Blog Reprise

This is the first of an occasional series - Blog Reprise - in which I list posts which have attracted me - for any reason. With luck, I'll manage a Reprise every two weeks.

First up swearingmother with a post about trying to plan but missing out a vital component. I am very familiar with this problem. The post's last word sums up my feelings too.

Ruthie always writes with talent and passion. The highlighted post is an open letter to a couple whom Ruthie waited on. Ruthie was not best pleased!

Word Hokey Cokey had me laughing. Colin Campbell reported on a dictionary game in The Washington Post. Sit back and be prepared to laugh.

Kevin of "Life has taught us" recalls some childhood memories and the writings of Thomas Paine. There is so much wisdom in the writings of the long past.

The last post in this first Blog Reprise comes from a hard-working and committed Labour supporter, grimmerupnorth. In this post Susan writes about Tony Benn and his commitment to the values he holds dear.

If you want to recommend any posts for the Reprise just email me at the address in the sidebar.


  1. I am always happy to read what someone else enjoyed and recommends. I especially found the Tom Paine post interesting for previously he was but a name to me.

    Ruthie is an amazing young woman and always an interesting read.

  2. jmb

    Thanks for being such a great visitor. You are always very welcome!

  3. Calum-- Thanks for the nod. I am glad that you enjoyed that post. Now, I hope that you can help to find what happened to Tom Paine's bones. William Cobbett was the last known person to have them and they have since been lost. I figure that they are still somewhere in Britain!

    Perhaps it is better that the location of his mortal remains are unknown. In a strange way, it makes me feel as if he still walks among us.

  4. Bloody hell, Kevin! Just find his bones. I'm a simple blogger, not a magician. His remains are safe - from me - wherever they are.