Saturday, 26 January 2008

Blog Reprise

My second reprise and first up today is the delicious and delightful Kylie's Arse. Rather inappropriately though this blog is - or rather was - left-wing. Unfortunately Kylie's Arse is no longer, there having been no posts since December: about the time she duetted with Leon on the X-Factor.

Despite the name and the political viewpoint there was an excellent post
How to Stop Talking Out of Your Arse in which insights painfully gleaned over a lifetime of politcal twaddle" were listed.

With Kylie's Arse on one knee I sit a "Fifties Chick" on the other. Swearing Mother starts with, "OK, so now you know I'm well over fifty, but please don't hold that against me. And guess what, being fifty plus isn't any big deal really. It just looks bad on paper. Of course, there are mornings when I wake up and think "Shit, I'm really old" but by the time I'm up and showered, have blow-dried my hair, put on some slap and a foxy outfit from one of my favourite non-geriatric stores (Hobbs, Zara or M and S on a good day) and spritzed myself with perfume, I am definitely hot to trot."
Read the full post here.

Hopi Sen writes: "Occasionally however, I’m confronted by an argument that suggests it’s better to lose an election than to win it. It’s a thought often expressed by bien pensant types, who, esconsed in comfortable studies, sipping on a warming cocoa (or possibly smoking a pipe) murmur that perhaps it’s a good thing to lose power by a slim margin, lest you lose it by a bigger margin later." The full post which expands the argument is well worth reading.

"Obsolete" - a new blog to me - features with two great posts. There are no synopses for these posts: it's better just to read them [The Political Tyrrany of Grief and
Scum-watch: Vengeance, Redemption and Hypocrisy].

Finally this week, Angry Steve complains about a domain registry with an unusual business practice.


  1. I think her arse is not all it's cracked up to be. There were two cuties here yesterday who had far better.

  2. "I think her arse is not all it's cracked up to be." James!!!!!

    "There were two cuties here yesterday who had far better."

    Don't always need the best, James, but, after the escapades you have mentioned recently, are you telling me that you would shun this arse if you opened your front door and were confronted by Kylie's Arse? Of course, you wouldn't.

  3. How does James know they were better than this one? she asks. What kind of lessons is he giving?

    If Swearing Mother thinks the fifties suck, wait till she get to the seventies. But I have to agree, it's only on paper it looks bad and if you look in the mirror but then the eyes are gone so that's OK.

    As for shopping, I like online shopping where there are no crowds, the stores are open 24 hours a day and they deliver.

  4. Congratulations on the excellent arse related post!!

  5. Er, Calum, I would actually. I'm tempted to post my girl's if she'll let me. After all, no one knows her.

  6. James

    "I'm tempted to post my girl's if she'll let me."

    Doubt she'll let you. Might be a bit painful and messy to remove and send in the post. If you are determined to prove your point why not send an image electronically?

    But honestly, I'll accept your view without your doing anything else.

  7. Posting great butt shots will get you mass visitation. At least, I thought it would. You should see if more butts equal more visits.

  8. Kevin

    Not going that way.

    What really boosted my traffic was having a link in to an earlier post. See here