Saturday, 26 January 2008

Broken a Barrier

My first 100 visitor day!

I know for many of you this would be no cause of celebration but for me WOW!!!!. This last week I've averaged out about 12 visitors per day and today seemed to be heading the same way. When I went out about 4pm I'd had 7 visitors but when I came in at 8pm I'd had 50 visitors.

Obviously someone must have linked to a post and, yes, there it was: every visitor clicked on the same page and was referred from the same site and one I hadn't heard of before - which features "Media Patrol" which is a compilation of news and views. I struggled to find my link because neither my name or a post was listed. Eventually I found the link in the following paragraph.

"John Pilger emphasizes continuity in the 'danse macabre of US-style democracy,' and takes apart the sugar-coated election reporting [THAT'S MY LINK] of the BBC's Washington Bureau chief, who has reportedly "gone native," while former U.K. ambassador Craig Murray puzzles over the "growing weirdness" of U.S. political culture."

I was lucky to post about the same subject as Pilger. Within his article he had a real go at BBC reporting of USA policy and actions -
Justin Webb in particular - and, fortunately, I too had questioned Webb's objectivity.

I can't imagine why John Pilger and Craig Murray get mentioned by name and I don't but, hey, not bad company!!!

I know that this is a blip and tomorrow I'll be back to normal but just this once my post has reached out. Perhaps blogging isn't so bad after all.

Will someone please remind me of this when next I'm down about my blog?


  1. Congratulations. That is a great achievement and it was from a real link to your post.

    I'm a great hit with the google searches myself, well over 100 every day with about 15 returning visitors too. It keeps me humble.

  2. Good for you Sir.

    Hope this helps you decide to keep in the fray. You would be missed.


  3. Well done! That is a real achievement.

  4. Excellent!

    And, you can bet that I will remind you of this one if you ever say that you are taking your blog away from us.

  5. Wow, I'm impressed!

    I don't really understand about google searches and how you find these things out, and what makes people link to you, but I do understand 100 visitors!