Sunday, 20 January 2008

Going up in the World!

Only a few days after writing about giving up my blog and I find this tonight!

A visitor from the USA searched for "tossers & wankers" and found me at No. 2. If only he had searched for "tosser and wanker" I would have been at No. 1.

Fame at last!

I know for many it will be hard to associate these words with my ever so erudite blog but, as any who read my recent post about Blair will know, my humour is childish and lavatorial.

Why "tosser and wanker"? You'll have to read here to find out.

Now there's a challenge most of you can, and will, refuse!


  1. I absolutely love to find out that my blog comes out high for some rather strange searches. I am jealous that you got the the top spot for tosser and wanker.

    Believe it or not, my blog comes up number one for "breast milk fuck." And, imagine, that is just for one post in protest of Nestle and their formula.

  2. Google can be very quirky. Recently, I've been trying to track down a particular image of singer Denise Marsa. When I searched through google images, loads of the photos looked familiar- they were mine, but totally irrelevant. I had mentioned her in one post then became part of Google's "Marsanet".

  3. Every now and again, to cheer myself up, I google nobody important and I make the first three spots. So far.

    I would love to know why someone was googling tossers and wankers, maybe an American to find out the meaning.

  4. Wow! Number 2! that is most impressive.

    I shall go and visit Kevin now as you recommend.