Thursday, 21 February 2008

Last Post Confusion

Those of you who use a reader to view my blog may have received a post entitled "Blogging: Last Post" only to receive another post later the same day.

I have NOT stopped blogging yet. I have come very close and I have had my last post sitting already written for a few weeks. Most days I read and tweak the post and think about publishing it but so far I have resisted . A few days ago I published the post in error and very quickly deleted it but the post may have reached your reader.

Apologies for any confusion.

More apologies if I have now dashed your happiness at my blog death which wasn't.

I'm sure sometime soon I'll do this for real - kill the blog, that is - but for the moment I am blogging ....just.


  1. I was rather hoping you didn't realize this and luckily I read your other post before I saw the "last post".

    Now don't you be going off and leaving us wondering about how you and your family are doing. That wouldn't fair, now would it?