Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Coming Apart at the Seams

I'm a wreck!

I'm crumbling!

My infected elbow has improved and continues to improve slowly. I'm well into my third week of antibiotics but progress is so slow I can see that I'll go into a fourth week of treatment.

But there's more!

A few days ago I sneezed - not an uncommon occurrence - but this time I pulled a muscle in my stomach or so the GP thinks. She's confident that I haven't broken a rib and certainly the pain feels muscular.

A minor niggle no more than that. How wrong I was!

Since then I've coughed and sneezed four times and each feels as though I've been hit by a sledgehammer. I'm frightened to cough properly because I know the pain that will follow. If this continues for another couple of days I think I'll be off to A&E. It's quite amusing writing about this but it's bloody murder to suffer.

I hope there isn't a third problem to come because with the direction these problems are going - right elbow to right side of stomach - the third could be in a very small, but hugely personal, area.

Please no third problem!


  1. Time to get down to the gym, Calum and kiss those problems goodbye. :)

  2. I have to admit it's a little amusing to read too but I am sure it's awful. Don't leave it too long to be sorted.
    Maybe this is number 2 and 3 and you've already had 1 and forgotten.
    Take care, says the one-eyed lady.

  3. I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh. ROFL. (I think that means 'rolls on floor laughing'; if it means something else, please tell me.)

    Cotton wool up your nose? To stop the sneezing?

  4. LOFS

    This is my reaction to the sledgehammer.

    Lies On Floor Screaming

    Perhaps I should be more honest and use: LOFSULFALT which means:

    Lies On Floor Screaming Unbelievably Loudly For A Long Time

  5. I can feel for you. I had a nasty chest infection a couple of years ago. I managed to cracka rib on one side and pull a muscle on teh other. I had to sleep upright in a chair for a week and coughing was a nightmare.