Monday, 14 July 2008

Bloghounds and Blogpower

I am now installed as a member of the recently formed Bloghounds but I am retaining membership of the well-established grouping - Blogpower - and I intend to support both groups to the best of my ability.

I hope both groups flourish.

Of course, my blogging will remain unchanged. I know many of you will be disappointed to hear this!! :-)


  1. I love the way you blog, you are one of my favorites!

    Welcome to Bloghounds :-)

  2. CP

    I love the way you comment.

    Only problem is I don't know how I blog, I just blog and if I were to know I probably couldn't blog as I do because I'd be trying too hard.

  3. I've responded to the letter at admins but this doesn't get to you,dear Calum. Maildotcom is currently down but when it comes back I'll send you the response [positive of course].

    Good luck as always.