Thursday, 17 July 2008

Bloghounds Target Met Already!

Bloghounds says to its bloggers, "[bloggers] most importantly would make a genuine attempt to link to fellow members at least once a week."

Now I'm not very good at linking to other blogs: newspapers are fine but blogs only rarely. But now once a week! This will be a strain. But things got worse, much worse. The first Bloghounds visit I made was to Blaney's Blarney. (Well that's my one link done for the week! Target met.)

Christ! We couldn't be further apart in politics, content or style. I'll never find a link here. He's far too "in your face". I say "he" but I know nothing of Donal Blaney and given that so much in the blogosphere is not what it seems I guess Blaney could be an apparently genteel old lady sitting at home sipping her tea and hammering away at the keys. For that matter, with my name - Calum Carr, which all readers know is my actual name!? - I could be the father of that well-known comedian / comic / TV personality - and I use these words loosely - Jimmy Carr. No, that's just too far-fetched. Some family secrets one doesn't dare even hint at.

Anyway I digress.

I just couldn't imagine ever finding common ground but ..... wait ...... what's this ..... YES!!! A miracle!! Both of us taking a similar stand on the suggestions that Ireland votes again on the EU Treaty - Donal - a second link in one week - and me.

Doesn't this just go to show that the world has always one surprise left!


  1. Calum, you have to know you're very very welcome and what you refer to here - the diversity - has spawned a real atmosphere in Bloghounds already, to the extent that I was slapped over the wrist [quite rightly] over you and there is a real desire for everyone to get on. Of course we do as we wish on our blogs. :)

  2. I think our ability to engage with those with whom we disagree is a defining quality of intellect and character.

  3. I'd hate for everyone to agree with me. It'd be very dull indeed!

  4. Very nicely done :-)

    I still haven't met my target ;-)

  5. Calum,

    Donal is a bloke, a very good blogger and usually right. He must be - he's a Tory.

  6. Daily Ref

    I know, and knew, that Donal is male and Tory. For the rest I need to read more of his blog. Agreeing on 2 points out of 4 and leaving the other 2 open is not bad.

  7. Welcome to Bloghounds, Calum. I think you are going to enjoy the challenge!