Friday, 18 July 2008

Can't Keep Away .... Again

Not from blogging this time but from Oban! We were back in Oban yesterday - Thursday - to collect a lovely piece of furniture for Mrs Carr - wish it were mine. Solid bloody wood! Too bloody heavy for my ageing frame to carry! How I envy the eye to see beauty!

Rather than coming home immediately we spent the afternoon walking around the disappointing town centre but there are two businesses I am compelled to mention. I've never done this before: promoting businesses with which, I assure you, I have no connection.

The first is The Chocolate Factory: shop and cafe and chocolate-making. Not only is there a view to die for but they develop and make their own gorgeous chocolates (viewing is possible).

The second is the Richard Childs gallery - Richard is a landscape photographer. There are many well-known photographers with books of landscapes of Scotland but I feel that there is an artistic quality to Richard's work which makes it stand apart from all others. You can see his photos on-line at various sites but these 3 pages are particularly good (1 - two pages; 2 - twelve pages; 3.

If you are ever in Oban visit these two businesses and, if you'll never be there, visit them on-line.

I promise you'll love them both.


  1. Why was the town centre disappointing, Calum?

  2. I have never been to Oban but friends have and love it. Maybe next year I'll join up with them.

  3. Oban has a lovely setting which, I must admit, I take for granted but the shops are crap with a couple of exceptions. Mind you it's no different from many towns which don't have the setting.

    I'd hate this to put anyone off coming to Oban because we had a good holiday here and will have again.

  4. DevonshireD

    You should come to Oban. I'm furiously backtracking because I realise that my post and even my comment to James might put people off.

    I used to come to Oban for my holidays more than 50 years ago; I have family connections in the area and I'd hate to be overly negative.

    I heard yesterday that the "season" has been poor and so Oban needs people like you.

    Come on up!

  5. Thanks for the Richard Childes link - absolutely mesmorising.