Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Chocolate Soldiers?

Patrick Wintour writes in the Guardian about a David Miliband speech, to be delivered today, in which the thorny issue of European military capability is raised. Buried in the article, Wintour writes:

"It is estimated there are 2 million soldiers in the 27 EU countries, and yet only 100,000 of them are equipped to fight."

Only 100,000 equipped to fight! What of the remaining 1,900,000 soldiers?

Are they chocolate soldiers?


  1. Careful there; the last lot branded chocolate soldiers in Australia in WW2 successfully held back the advancement of the Japanese on the Kokoda Track. ;)

  2. No offence intended. Post still stands though.

  3. It is totally unacceptable isn't it?

  4. Better the european approach of admitting their population have no stomach for troops dying (with the exception of Britain and France and even then only in areas viewed as their colonial playgrounds) rather than the american approach of killing everything in sight because they want to reduce battlefield casualties.