Monday, 21 July 2008

Holiday - Pics

A few visitors have asked that I post some photos from our short holiday in Oban. Reluctantly I oblige. I may have a better camera now but I don't have more time or peace nor even the mindset do more than 'point-and-shoot'.

This highlights two of Oban's landmarks:McCaig's Tower or Folly and Oban Distillery, the home of Oban malt whisky - one of the Classic Malt range. Last year I discovered that I used to play football with the now distillery manager - 30 years ago. Unsurprisingly we're both slightly larger than in our heyday.


I was sitting only yards from the jetty: a little beach with its turquoise sea. The photo doesn't do the scene justice.

A view looking down Loch Craignish beyond Ardfern

Twice a day a sea-plane flies to and from Glasgow to Oban bay. This greatly magnified photo shows the 'plane at the start of its take-off.

These high speed RIBS have become quite popular for tourist trips. This one - which I think was going round the island of Kerrera passed us as we took the
ferry from Oban to Colonsay. Again magnified significantly. We were on one last year - great fun.

As we returned from Colonsay the wake and the sky gave this lovely pattern.

I always thought that there was something strange about religion. This photo from just outside Iona Abbey confirms my views!

You may wonder why I show these last two photos. Well, after blogging for 16 months I think it is only fair to introduce you to our children: the older is white and the younger black!!

That's not fair! How could I describe my kids so? Shame on me! I'm having a joke. Really!!

The younger one is white and the elder is black. There I've been honest now!


  1. Lovely photos! The one with the wake of the ferry and the cloud patterns is beautiful.

    I echo Liz though - no midges? Admittedly they're not too bad here at the moment, but they can eat you alive!

  2. If that was merely 'point and shoot'
    you are to be congratulated on damn good eye.

  3. All

    Thanks for your kind words. Before I had kids I'd spend an afternoon taking photos from one site just to get the picture(s) I wanted. Now if I see it I take it immediately.

    No, midges weren't a problem but then we were at the sea with its breezes. The one time we were in a sheltered area they - the midges - appeared about 8pm.

    On my first camping trip - about 5 years ago - to Loch Lomond we had to come home on the first night such was the midge invasion. Our younger child's hair was "crawling" with midges. We left the tent up, came home and the next day I went over to collect the tent.

  4. These are fabulous photos Calum!

  5. Thank you for sharing some photos. I especially love the on of Iona!

  6. New cameras are so good these days Calum that point and shoot gives wonderful results anyway.
    Excellent photos of a place I liked a lot.

    My close friend from Edinburgh named one daughter after Iona and the other Sula.

  7. Love the pics, Calum, especially the top one and the church yard.

  8. James

    Is it the photograph of the churchyard or its comment you like?