Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Irish to Resit Their Exam

I know I've come late to the subject of the Irish EU referendum result but it is still a live issue. Today the Guardian records that Nicolas Sarkozy is "to try to cajole the Irish into staging a second vote on the EU's stalled reform blueprint."

If the Irish are given a second chance to see if they get the same result should the 19 countries ,which have already ratified the treaty, not go through equivalent processes - just to see if they all still get the same answer? It's only logical after all. Why should only one country get two chances?

I know! I know! I'm being silly. Students who pass their exams don't have to resit them. Only those who failed initially have to resit in a second attempt to pass.

But the Irish didn't fail. They gave one of the two possible correct answers.

I'm confused.


  1. Some countries didn't get the chance to sit the test ;-)

  2. I agree with the point I think you are making: only the Irish people had a chance to vote directly. I wanted to steer clear of the referendum issue but 19 countries so far, by some mechanism, had the opportunity to say Y or N and so why should these countries not revisit the issue if the Irish are expected to do so.

  3. I think we are thinking along the same lines.

    If the Irish have to reevaluate their Y or N I think they all should too! But why should any of them have to, they have expressed their opinion already!