Saturday, 5 July 2008

Last Post ....

until 14 July.

Sorry! I couldn't resist that.

We're off on holiday on Sunday for a week and so there will be no posts. After my splurge of 3 posts on Wednesday I had hoped to post on:

Self-Scanning Checkouts - God, I hate them!!
Childhood Reminiscences 5 - Transport and Travel [Note: This wouldn't be No. 5. but No. 4. Fool!!!!]

but, as usual, my thoughts exceeded my capabilities. The Checkout post may never appear but the Reminiscences certainly will be seen.

Where are we going?

Here are a few photos I took in 1986. We're going to the same place.

See how many you need to identify our des
tination. I'm sure you'll all find us. Just in case you haven't, right click on the last photo and check the Image Location: buried in there is the place-name.

Well done! See you in a week or so.


  1. I was going to say Oban, since it is one of the few places I know like this in Western Scotland and a very common holiday destination.

    I visited there in 1960, would you believe. Some Scottish friends who have been married for 51 years spent their honeymoon there so I gave them some Oban single malt for their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Have a wonderful break Calum and see you back on the 14th with more great scenery taken on your new camera.

  2. Have a great time :-) I am looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back :-)

  3. Have a great holiday. We have to wait until August 16 for ours. We have rented a cottage in Co Wexford, Ireland, for a week. We can't wait. We need a break.

  4. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Have a great time. We're not going until 9th August and will be some 30 miles south of the town, but looking at the pictures made me anxious to get going on our holiday too.

  6. Leaving in about 1 hour. Help!!!!!! :-)


    Where are you going? Is it Kilmartin? or Crinan? or where? Round about that time - in fact overlapping with you - we're on holiay AGAIN for 1 week but 24 miles south of Oban rather than your some 30 miles.


    Thanks for your best wishes. I'm sure we'll have a great time regardless of the weather.

    No idea how photos will turn out. Prob won't post them. Too embarrassed. It's one thing putting up old photos but new camera .......