Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Late To The Party

Quite often in my blogging career - can you call something a career if it's a hobby and unpaid? - I have struggled with getting the layout just as I wanted it. Yesterday's post was incredibly difficult and I couldn't get what I wanted. Now I have downloaded Microsoft Live Writer which let's one type in WYSIWYG - as in a normal word processor - and so good layout should be much more easily achieved. Lots of you probably use this already but at least I'm at the party now.

To see if this is a good party or not I'll upload another couple of photos. Here goes.


This is a black guillemot. Apparently they're not very common but they were lots of them very close to the Esplanade in Oban nesting in old drainage holes in the sea wall. The inside of their mouths are red but I couldn't get capture this: only managed to capture their red legs.


I didn't realise that I had captured the two tone sea. I saw the cloud squashing down on the island and my aim was simply to capture that. The two tone sky and sea was a bonus.

Now this was really easy to set up; I adjusted the photos to the size I wanted and put the words exactly where I wanted. If this publishes as I see it in front of me then I'll certainly use this software again.

UPDATE: Publishing failed once but the post looks exactly as it did on my screen. The one thing missing is the inability, I think, of adding labels. I'll check that.

UPDATE 2: Blogger labels can be added. They are called "categories". You can even get the software to remind you to add categories to a post. So far, Microsoft Live Writer is fabulous.


  1. Might give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. The bird is great - we certainly dont have them down south west....

  3. Both of the photos are impressive, I don't know why you were so shy about sharing them with us!

    Sounds interesting software, I might give it a go. I am so fussy with layout and it is difficult to gauge in blogger. I often have to repost several times until the layout is just how I like it ;-)

  4. I'm glad - in a way - that others srtuggle with layout in Blogger.

    From what I've found it is possible to use Blogger labels but they go into the body of the post - they can be moved within the body - rather than in their own little space at the very bottom.

    Let me know how you get on.

  5. I think you have done well with these photos Calum.

  6. Well I think it turned out very well indeed. I think I downloaded Live Writer quite a while ago but never pursued it. However I notice that since I downloaded Firefox 3 I often get a reminder that Live Writer is not compatible with it and it asks me if I want to check for updates but so far nothing.

  7. I am using Firefox 3. No problems.

  8. The black guillemot is common up here and points north but southern is lees common - as is the carrion crow compared with the hooded... but they do turn up now and then.

  9. Will check that out! Have you used Picassa for photos? Its supported mt google so you can post up to 4 photos at a time (Quick too) straight onto your blog!

  10. Denise

    I use Picasa but not their web albums. Uploading my photos to my blog using Live Writer goes through Picasa

  11. I love LiveWriter and wouldn't write anything without it! I am incredibly un-technical and can't get my links or photos working straight on Wordpress so I have to use Livewriter. I definitely recommend it!