Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Poor Taste Picture Post


I had intended posting about Borderline Personality Disorder but I'm too tired and with too little time tonight to give the subject the care it deserves.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

Instead I have a post which is neither topical nor in good taste but, hey, what do topicality and good taste have to do with this blog?  Don't answer!

Tonight I took the children and a friend out to a cafe - open until 10 - which we visit infrequently.  For about the last year or so they've had a photo hanging above one of the tables and I've always been tempted to blog about it.  Tonight is that night.  The cafe was really quiet when we were leaving and so with my new - my first- camera-phone I took a photo of the photo on the wall.


ModPhoto004                                 Photo ex S Luca (Edinburgh)

I'm sorry about the picture quality.  I sort of sneaked the photo quickly but, in case you can't make them out, Tony Blair is on the left and Jack McConnell - at this time Scottish First Minister - at the right front.  The original was taken two days before the elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Every time I see this photo I think, "Would I show this photo if Tony Blair had eaten in my cafe?"  No, I wouldn't.  Mind you, I can't imagine anyone would put up a photo today showing Gordon Brown eating in their cafe - he might not even get in the door.

Now I know you're wondering what's happened to the poor taste I promised you: it's just about to come.


If you remove the 2nd "n" from the legend you get a message which would make the photo well worth promoting!


Told you it was poor taste.

Good night


  1. Gosh is the food that bad? Poor taste comment!
    I think you would find most cafe owners would be willing to display that photo, even if they were Conservative. It certainly would get conversation going if nothing else.

  2. I wasn't paying attention at first and when I saw the photo I thought it actually did say that "Tony Blair died here", lol.

  3. Don't see how it's bad taste, Calum. Seems good to me. :)

  4. James

    I didn't think it was in poor taste but I decided to cover myself in case someone thought it was.

  5. I think most cafe owners would display the pic, too, but agree they might draw the line at GB!

  6. It certainly would be a talking point!

  7. Shocking bad taste Calum! What a thing to see when I innocently looked in!

  8. Just trying to prove how ordinary they are...

  9. I think he is probably still alive... not sure though..

  10. It would make for interesting conversation and people would go there just for the fact he dined as same cafe, yet they may deny it LOL.