Monday, 28 July 2008

Sympathy for Gordon Brown

Yes, I do ...on a personal level. I may be one of only a few (or of only one) but I can't help but feel for him.

His whole life he has dreamt of, has worked towards, has fought and plotted towards, being Prime Minister. He found himself out-manoeuvred by Blair and Mandelson, had to take second place for 13 years and then last year the role was his. He'd made Prime Minister; he had reached his life's goal only to fail and fall so spectacularly. Devastating it must be for him. I'd have to be incredibly cold not to feel for him or anyone in this position.

Politically I have no sympathy. For years I hoped for his succession not because I was a supporter but because he was not Blair and everything he represented. I hoped for a major change but none came.

Now is his biggest test. Can he put the good of the Labour Party above his desires?

Politicians often talk about their party being more important than their future but what we see is the very opposite. There egos are so large, they are so driven that they equate what is good for them as being good for their party.

Now for Brown no reshuffle, no relaunch can save the party under his stewardship. If he fights for his future as Prime Minister he will drag the Labour Party further down. He must not do this. He should put himself at the mercy of his party. If they want him to stand down now he should do so. If they want him to fight an election now he should do so. If they want him to stay until 2010 and then fight an election he should do so. Whatever they want him to do he must do. This way, at least, he will be serving his party and he can leave with some self-respect.

Only if he does his party's bidding will he retain my sympathy.


  1. It's pretty clear the Tories don't want him replaced by any other. You were right about him being groomed for the job.

  2. From a distance, I wanted Blair gone - preferrably to the Hague to stand trial with Bush. My daughter Viv ranted against him and now I know why. But, frankly, you must know you have a desperate bunch of idiots on all sides of the spectrum.
    I shudder to think where it all going.

  3. I think he is repulsive... I would prefer Blair back...

  4. I am not sure if I can feel sorry for him... He is very ambitious and set us up for a fall when he was chancellor!

  5. I don't feel sorry for Brown as he has shown himself to be dishonest (all his promises to we electorate) and he is not honourable to admit he's in way over his head.

  6. Although a Labour Party member for nigh on 25 years, Brown has become an anti-Midas. He should have gone for a General Election when he had a lead last year.

  7. That happened here in Canada where Paul Martin waited in the wings for years to see Chretien go, in exactly the same situation, Minister for Finance, controlling the purse strings. Of course the electorate gave him, by then the enshrined PM and his party the boot as quickly as they could, not because the Conservatives were so strong, because they were not, but because the Liberals had to go. Canadians had had enough.