Wednesday, 20 August 2008

83! Bloody Hell !

A nothing post despite the tempting - possibly - title.

A month or so ago I posted about a personal best on my blog (40 page views in one visit) but another unknown visitor has blasted that apart and set a new Olympic and world record. OK, OK, I know that's a bit OTT.

83 page views in one sitting!  Poor soul! 



I've removed the IP address just in case anyone recognises it.









Thank you for visiting and spending so much time here.  I hope you found the visit interesting.  I don't think your record will be broken for a while!

Hope to see you back again.


  1. I don't know whether you should be pleased or worried Calum. Let's hope some good comes out of it.

  2. Jmb

    Why should I be worried?

  3. An hour and 20 minutes! That's impressive.

  4. You obviously have material that the user found interesting Calum, well done. Your hard work does matter :)

  5. What an achievement!

    I have a visitor who spends humungous amounts of time over at Debacle and keeps coming back. To be honest, I can't think why! I mean, really great if they find it useful but how many times can you try and scrape every word off the screen!

    But kudos to them, eh?!

  6. Isn't it a human thing, poking about in orifices ?
    Thanks for the SW comment. It's years old and scanned from paper which explains the scruffy lower edge.