Monday, 25 August 2008

British Aerospace Bin 'Green Bullets'

Yesterday's Observer carried a couple of paragraphs about BAe one of which stated.

"Britain's biggest arms manufacturer has abandoned plans to produce 'green bullets' two years after promising major investment in ecologically sound weaponry. British Aerospace had wanted to produce bullets tipped with tungsten instead of lead but sources say that higher production costs made the venture unprofitable."

'Green bullets'  - an oxymoron if ever I saw one.

Would I / should I feel better to know - if I could - that I have been killed by a green bullet rather than a normal bullet.  It doesn't really matter what kind of bullet or whose bullet has killed me.  I'm dead!

What comes after green bullets?

free-range artillery?

organic ordnance?

I looked up the original BBC story from 2006 and BAE were quoted as saying that they were trying to develop:

"products that reduce the collateral damage of warfare."

It's easy! Get out of this market! Don't make weapons!

Somehow I don't think this is what they meant by reducing collateral damage.


  1. Now, see, this is typical, isn't it?

    This sort of talk would have ordinary people like you and me and Mrs C carted off to a loony bin pronto.

    BAe = Oxymorons R us.

    Do you think that they're so far into insanity that they just don't realise that their 'rationale' is terrifyingly warped?

  2. "Collateral damage", "friendly fire", and other jargon - all invented to put a prettier face on murder. Words fail me.

  3. Green and bullets do not go together. It is all stupid marketing, but it doesn't work for me. I shouldn't think it does for anyone else either!

  4. Yes, isn't all this sematics nonsense out of the same stable as Orwell's 1984 MinTruth?

    'Peacekeeper' missiles, anyone?

    'Murdering, psychopathic warmongerer' missiles is accurate!

    But hardly what MPs, mindful of constituents' opinions, would vote for.

  5. One wonders what twit thought this up.

  6. Do you mean the green stuff, Aileni?

    I imagine that there's a massive tax relief in there if they are seen to be green. Or maybe they're getting a big kickback from the companies that supply the 'green' bullet tips?

    But, it's so ludicrous....making 'green' weapons which are designed to obliterate people and their homes and environments. I may be wrong, but that doesn't sound to me like it's a very green sort of activity!

  7. All Thanks for commenting.

    In effect they are saying,
    'Our products kill and maim thousands and thousands of people every year but, you, the public should be reassured that we are a green company.'

    Doesn't sound right does it?

    What they should say is,
    'Our products kill and maim thousands and thousands of people every year but, you, the public should be reassured that we don't give a toss about the death toll. More deaths = bigger profits = bigger bonuses. Yeah!'