Monday, 4 August 2008

Holiday Beckons - Last Post for a Week?

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we go off for another week's holiday to Argyll again.  I've so much to do before we go that I imagine I'll not post again until we return.

Having said last week that I have no more stories left and having had lots of requests for more - well two actually - I have found two more stories (possibly four if I split one into three). 

But will I tell you or should I keep them to myself?

Why should I continually expose myself - in the nicest possible way - to your possible derision when none, other than Liz, does likewise?

If a few more of you show your "nakedness" then I'll tell you more.  Is it a deal?

Who has got the "balls" to follow suit?

Enough of such matters. 


Where am I going on holiday?  Not saying other than it will be within 10 miles of the place I took these two photos twenty years ago.




and then a few minutes later



We're visiting a lovely part of the country and I'm sure we'll have a great time.  I will think of you - promise.  My blog is too important to forget about for a week even if I can't post.


  1. It is a beautiful place indeed. Have a great time and you can post by email you know. I'm sure there is an internet cafe somewhere there, wherever it is. They are everywhere nowadays.

  2. Have a lovely holiday. Those are beautiful photos of an obviously beautiful place. Balm for the soul.

  3. Looks very nice place, and speaking of balls, hmm no sorry cant say I have them to follow suit LOL.

  4. Nunyaa

    That's why "balls" was in inverted commas: so tha one word would do for males and females.

  5. Mmm! my blog is me (apart from one person I am not allowed to blog about). Guess I am just boring...

    Love those pics, have a great holiday :-)

  6. great pics and a beautiful looking place, enjoy the peace !!

  7. You're going to Argyll! (Did you forget? You told us at the start of your post. Do I get a star for being highly intelligent? Or maybe a stupid mark if you meant 'exactly where'?

    Have a wonderful time! And you're welcome in my world any time you like!

  8. Sound of Jute?
    Firth of Lorn?

    Do tell.

  9. being of yorkshire making pretty much what you see is what you get with me!Welcome anytime.