Tuesday, 26 August 2008

It's Simple Really: No British Football Team in 2012 Olympics

In the last few days much has been made - 'papers, radio, politicians, bloggers - about whether or not a British football team should be entered for the 2012 Olympics and about the reasons why so many Scots (and I assume Welsh and Irish) are very much against the idea.  So much comment has been uninformed guff and mischief-making. 

My position and, I assume that of many Scots, is very straightforward but, firstly, let me say what is not involved.  That I am against the idea of a British football team for the Olympics has:

-  nothing to do with never supporting a GB team

-  nothing to do with not supporting a team full of English players

- nothing to do with Scotland having few, if any, players in a GB team

-  nothing to do with any other sport.  Comparisons with, for example, the British Lions are invalid.

-  nothing to do with the Olympics being in London

-  nothing to do with politics.  Politicians, regardless of what they say are playing politics

-  nothing to do with devolution

-  nothing to do with independence for Scotland

BUT has EVERYTHING to do with not putting at risk Scotland's independence as a footballing nation.

Only in football, as far as I am aware, has there been any suggestion within the ruling body - in football's case this is FIFA - that the four "home" nations should play as one in international competitions.  Entering a unified team for 2012 could be taken as a precedent for having a unified team in other major competitions.  Despite Sepp Blatter's assurances that this would not happen I am not prepared to take that risk.

I make no comment on why the English FA and, apparently, many English, have a different view.  I am in no position to understand their thinking.

I cannot ever risk - however unlikely -  Scotland's right to play football as a separate nation. 


  1. Calum, I know I'm risking being thrown off this page, but I have to say it - I don't like football! There, that wasn't too hard.
    Having said that, I totally agree with what you say. I feel the "United Kingdom" is badly named. At least you Scots have much more independence than Wales has.

  2. If other events can match and hopefully improve on what the British team achieved in Beijing, not having a UK football team at London in 2012 will hardly be a great loss.

  3. I am not really into sport full stop!

  4. Now what about that barbecue 'incident'?

  5. Scotland's independence as a footballing nation?

    Is it seriously under threat, Calum?

  6. Hmmm .... but footie at the Olympics is under IOC jurisdiction and nothing whatsoever to do with the commercial enterprise that is TV footie.

    I would hazard that a team of British amateurs would do significantly beater than the over paid poncy twats that play for TV audiences.

  7. Baht at - interesting seeing you about again, old son.

  8. I am with you Calum !! Without Scotland who would the English love to hate? I mean in football. Its part of the fun and excitement - after all its only a game..