Friday, 1 August 2008

Microsoft Live Writer: Update

A lightweight practical post before another heavy mental health effort.  At least, I plan another post but whether it appears or not ....

For 10 days or so, and 7 posts, I have been using Live Writer to produce this blog - see here and my initial view was that the software was brilliant.  I still feel this!

Live writer is billed as a WYSIWYG word processor for blogs.  Well, I would say that for my blog layout that it is very nearly WYSIWYG.  I find that my published posts may have 1 word more or less in a line than I see in Live Writer but this is still such an improvement over Blogger that I'll happily live with this.

The key benefit to me is the total ease and confidence with which I can add photos, format the post, change font, font colour, add links.  In my original post I said that I didn't think one could add Blogger labels but I was wrong - they are called categories and Live Writer downloads all one's previously used labels.

As long as I have access to Live Writer I will not go back to using Blogger and I recommend it to all.


Give it a go.


Blogging - well the typing part - has become so incredibly easy. 


  1. I looked at Live Writer a while back, but I didn't see how it could help me. Maybe I'll look again.

  2. Since I updated Firefox it keeps telling me that Live Writer is not compatible with Firefox 3 and it keeps checking for updates regularly.
    Are you using IE or did you not update Firefox?

    Today I hate Blogger. They locked me out of my blog for 24 hours because they said it was a spam blog! I asked for a review and finally got back in.

  3. I just read your linked post and see I made the same comment then. Sorry. But I see you also said you use Firefox 3 so I will have to look into it more carefully.